We help businesses grow

We provide ERP solutions that are a backbone to all your operations


Our aim is to support you and your goals. To give your company an essential tool that you can rely on – a powerful, flexible and scalable solution that will be your driver for growth. As long as everything is running smoothly we are going to stay invisible. That is our promise.


Custom-built solutions

We understand that no two businesses are alike. The software we develop is based on your business objectives, internal operations and industry specific requirements.

Room for improvement

What you want to achieve can change over time, we get that. In the continuous process of development we provide you a solution that grows with you.

Every step along the way

Our partnership doesn’t end, it only starts at deployment. We’ll train your employees, we’ll keep your data safe and secure, we’ll provide support and software as a service.


We started this business 25 years ago, and we have been in a continuous process of development and in the lookout for innovation ever since. Change is inevitable – we are continuously adapting and we like to provide our clients a framework to do so too. Our business is powered by people, a closely knit family of economists, developers, engineers, stargazers … of all ages and above all, we all love what we do – playing a part in our clients’ success. We love crafting tools that make use of the latest technologies. We love equipping businesses for the challenges of the 21st century.

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